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Jesus Bracelets in Vibe-Set of 5 (XS/S/M)

Jesus Bracelets in Vibe-Set of 5 (XS/S/M)

Silicone Cross Bracelet
Set of 5
Jesus Bracelets make sharing Jesus easy and fun! They are a powerful tool for spreading the love and teachings of Jesus. They are made of soft silicone and feature a cross, a simple yet profound symbol of faith.

Jesus Bracelets have gone viral, and for good reason!! When you wear a Jesus Bracelet, you not only carry a daily reminder of His presence, but also invite others to engage in conversations about Him. They serve as great conversation starters, sparking curiosity and opening doors for discussions about faith, the transformative power of Jesus, and the Good News!! With Jesus bracelets, sharing the love of Christ just comes naturally.
Summer Fun!